The magic of 'yes'

One of the most powerful things we can do for children & families is say 'yes'!


Do you believe in magic? That may sound like an unusual question, coming from us, but then we’re an unusual place. Our philosophy is straightforward: we always say 'yes' to children and families, and every time we say 'yes' we make a little bit of magic happen.

By the time we meet them, children and their families have usually heard 'no' far too many times. Too many doors have been closed to them, and they’ve entered a phase of their lives in which a lot of other people make decisions for them. So we simply never say no. And that has the power to make all the difference.

‘Yes’ when it would otherwise be ‘no’

Sometimes the magic happens because we say a big 'yes' when everyone else has said 'no'. When a single parent was told that his 6-year-old daughter only had 2 weeks to live, all he wanted to do was take her home from hospital. The hospital said no, but we said yes right away. So, with a lot of support from us, this dad and his little girl spent almost a month at home together – playing, laughing, and building a doll’s house. Today, this father talks about the magic of the extraordinarily precious time he was able to have at home with his little girl.

At other times, we have to find creative ways to be able to say yes. When a family told us they desperately wanted to take their little girl to the beach, just once, she really was too ill to go. But while we couldn’t take her to the beach, we could certainly bring the beach to her. So we created a beach at the hospice, complete with real sand, beach-balls and buckets and spades. All so that this little girl could have the magical experience of feeling the sand between her toes, just once.

Magic as part of daily life

We create hundreds of magical moments every day. It’s the kind of magic which lights up children’s faces and gives their families treasured memories to hold onto forever. Like the moment in our hydrotherapy pool, when a father saw his son smile for the first time in years. Like when a mum watched in awe as a real princess read her little boy a story. It can be a big 'yes', such as accepting a referral, or just a little one – like doing a tired mum’s ironing so she can treat herself to a bubble bath. But it’s always yes.

Magic is in everything we do

Magic runs through our hospice like the letters in a stick of rock: it’s everywhere, and quite deliberate. That means it’s also there for our team members, who all carry invisible wands which let them say 'yes' to working magic all day long. And the magic is there for our volunteers and supporters, too, as they continually rediscover the difference they’re making.

Want to make magic with us?