What’s Christmas like for the children we care for – and their families?

What if a child needs to be in hospital or a hospice, or cared for at home… Can we help make Christmas special for them?

Our single objective is to make life better for children, whatever the time of year and however well or poorly they are. So we really work hard at Christmas to make things special for the whole family. And because we know Christmas comes with a load of extra hard work, we’re happy to shoulder a lot of the burden so tired parents don’t have to. 

What if a child is an in-patient?

Some children need to be cared for over Christmas at our hospice, Russell House, or in hospital or at home. The date makes no difference to us: our staff are available 24/7, wherever they’re needed. At Christmas, the children who need us are likely to be those needing critical or end-of-life care, and it may even be their last Christmas. So we do our very best to make it special for them and their families, helping to create precious memories to treasure forever. 

"As a nurse, I always find Christmas Day one of the most magical times to be working… it’s lovely to be part of a family’s special Christmas"

Throughout the run-up to Christmas

The families we care for are invited to help us get ready for Christmas – whether that’s putting up our trees, creating cards and decorations, making Russell House look splendid, or just enjoying a stress-free cuppa and mince pie. It’s a time for way too much Christmas music, way too many Christmas jumpers, and way too many button-popping treats.

Christmas party

Our big Christmas party will be held at Northfield Hall, close to Russell House, on 9 December and will feature a theatre show, Father Christmas, crafts & games, and loads more fun activities – all set among gorgeous decorations and twinkly Christmas trees.

Just for mums & dads

This time of year is particularly hard work, so just a few days before Christmas we host a special lunch at Russell House for mums and dads (while we look after the children).

Special treats

We’re so grateful to be offered free theatre and pantomime tickets every Christmas, so we’ll be taking families to enjoy some of the best shows on offer. 

How can you help?

Now we’ve painted a picture of Christmas at Forget Me Not, would you like to help? We need people to volunteer in the run-up to Christmas, to hold a sweepstake, to in our stores for gifts, cards & decorations, and to generally create the #MagicOfChristmas.

Christmas at Russell House