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Over half of UK adults don’t have a will. If you’re one of them, did you know that if you die without having made a will, the law decides how your estate gets divided up – and your family and friends have no say in the matter. Everything you own could go to the government, and the people and charities you care about most could get nothing. In fact:

  • If you’re not married, your partner won’t be entitled to any of your possessions, even if you’ve lived together for many years.
  • If you and your partner aren’t married, they may not even be able to keep the house you share, after your death.
  • If you’re unmarried and don’t have children, your entire estate will go to your parents or to your brothers and sisters. If you don’t have any relatives, your estate will go to the crown.
  • If you don't name guardians for your children in your will, a court will decide who will be given custody after your death.

Make your will for free

Clearly, not having a will in place is not a good idea! That’s why we’ve partnered with Farewill, the UK’s largest will writer, to provide a free will-writing service.

To make your free will:

1. Consider how you want to remember those closest to you in your will
2. Click here to get started and use the code: forgetmenot-phone
3. Farewill's experts will call you back within 24 hours.

If you’d prefer to make your will in person with a solicitor, let us know by completing this form and we’ll contact you when this option becomes available.

Help make a lasting difference to families, whatever their future holds 

We know those closest to you come first. That’s just as it should be. 

But once you have taken care of the people who are important to you, we hope you’ll choose to leave a gift to Forget Me Not when using our free will-writing service.

Even a 1% gift will make a huge difference to the families we support, and means your loved ones will inherit 99% of your estate.

To find out more leaving a gift in your will, click here.

Please note that our free will-writing service is a limited offer and may not be appropriate for all circumstances. We always suggest you seek independent legal advice.

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