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Help for families

Grace’s Place is changing lives for local families who have a child with a life-shortening condition

Learning that your child has a life-shortening condition is devastating. Suddenly everything becomes more complicated, and you’re forced to rely on all kinds of different health & social care professionals. And you may not know where to turn for support.

Grace’s Place is here to cut through all that. We offer care and support for the entire family – helping to make life easier, enabling you to regain a sense of control, and bringing back some of the laughter and energy you may have been missing.

Support for the whole family

We will take care of everyone, because everyone’s affected. That means mums and dads, brothers and sisters, grannies and grandads. It can mean working with teachers and school friends, too. And we do this through things like complementary therapies, counselling, time out for tired parents and stressed siblings, and practical support like help with the ironing.

Superb clinical care

When your child is in our care, you can expect the highest standards of clinical excellence. And that applies whether we’re providing that care at home, in hospital, or right here at Grace’s Place. Our team is led by nurses and therapists, rather than doctors and consultants (although we have those, too). And this means that your child, and not their condition, is at the heart of everything we do.

How can you get referred to Grace’s Place?

'Getting a referral' may sound like more hurdles to leap. Well, not at Forget Me Not. 

In the medical world, getting a referral can often mean lots of specialists, appointments, forms and confusing information. It's different here: we don't inflict stress, so if you think we can help you and your child, just pick up the phone and talk to us.

Of course, we do take referrals from consultants, GPs, care professionals, social workers and so on, but you're very welcome to simply refer yourself or your child directly. Either call us to make a referral or fill in the form below. 

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