Although our children’s hospice isn’t oriented towards any faith or spirituality, we’ll do our utmost to meet your own spiritual or faith needs.

We feel it’s important to find out where families get their strength from, and what their hopes and expectations are. That’s why we’ll usually ask a family whether they follow any particular faith or religion, or if any aspect of spirituality is important to them.

You may feel that what we already provide is sufficient, but if you need anything else, or want us to call someone in, please be reassured that we’ll do our absolute best to help.

Which faiths do we support?

We support people of any faith or no faith, and our contacts and resources reflect the needs of the local population. We celebrate a range of festivals including Eid, Christmas, Easter and Diwali, and we add more celebrations to our calendar each year.

Is there a special place at the hospice?

We’ve created a multi-faith reflection room which anyone can use for prayer, tranquility or quiet thought – whether you describe yourself as religious, spiritual, atheist or unsure, or even if you don’t think about spirituality at all. This room contains some helpful resources, which families are free to use anywhere in the hospice and our grounds.

What resources do we offer?

The reflection room contains a range of resources to help meet your spiritual needs, including for example; prayer mats, holy books (such as the Bible and the Qur’an), prayer cards and a qibla compass. Families are free to bring in their own books, CDs, religious symbols and other items.

What about faith leaders?

If you’ve mentioned your own faith, we’ll ask if there’s a leader or anyone else you might like to call on for spiritual support. We don’t have our own chaplain, but we’ve developed links with local places of worship (as well as chaplains at other local hospices and hospitals, who are willing to help us), so we’re more than happy to contact anyone you’d like to see.

What if you’re just starting to explore?

Perhaps you’ve never felt very spiritual before but have decided you want to explore that side of life at this time, in which case we’ll contact whoever you like – and we’ll try to find whatever resources will be of most help to you.