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Luen’s blog: The power of friendraising!

The lifeblood of any charity is its fundraising. Not just because without money, services can’t run, but also because by involving friends and family in their fundraising activity, supporters act as advocates for the cause and so help the charity reach even more people. I call this type of fundraising friendraising!

Of course, during the pandemic, getting together to fundraise was much harder to do. As a charity, we really missed the vital income usually generated by people’s coffee mornings, lunches, walks and charity balls, but as people, we missed these valuable opportunities to have fun and socialise with friends and family too. A double whammy.

Luckily, friendraising is back – and bigger than ever! We have been blessed with three big events already this year that have raised significant amounts of money through friends and family coming together to have fun. Each event raised more than ever before, not just because people were inspired by the cause, but because everyone was so delighted to be back together again after so long apart, just having fun with the people they love. 

Friendraising is a staple of the fundraising that supports our charity work, acting as a shop window to many people who might not otherwise see our work, but thanks to hearing about us from a trusted source, are more likely to become supporters themselves. This is advocacy at its best and we thank everybody who supports us in this way. 

If you’d like to do some friendraising of your own, visit our guide to organising your own event.