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Around-the-world challenge

Here’s something really different for schools to get their teeth into!

Last year we challenged schools and youth groups to travel 'Around the World'! Together, they covered over 24,900 miles, which is the equivalent to the circumference of the Earth. Over 25,000 children helped to raise over £90,000 for our hospice. Now, we're launching 'Around the World 2', and asking children across Yorkshire to help us make 2018 even bigger and better!

We’d love your school or youth group to get involved, get sponsored, get active and make a difference to local children and their families. Register online today.

What do you need to do?

The challenge we’re setting young people is:
  • primary-school age – to travel ONE mile
  • secondary-school age – to travel TWO miles

When are we ‘setting off’?

We’ll be journeying together during the week commencing Monday 21 May 2018, which is Children’s Hospice Week. If that timing doesn’t work for you, there’s no reason why you can’t travel a bit earlier or later.

How might you ‘travel’?

Don’t pack a suitcase. And you won’t need visas, jabs or malaria tablets, either. It’s simple: everyone, of every age and ability, can travel however they like. You can run, walk, skip, hop, jog or swim; you can do it in a wheelchair, on a bike, or on roller-skates. You can even do it in fancy-dress. As long as you get sponsored and get going!

Why is this great for schools?

  • It’s a really useful way to promote and embed your healthy-living programme
  • Everyone can have fun and get some exercise together
  • Young people will be further encouraged to think how they can help others and support a great cause
  • Participating schools can take the opportunity to link the challenge into some work about our planet – like maths, geography, science and English.
  • We’ll all see what we can achieve when loads of us work together as part of one HUGE team stretching right across our area.

Lacing up your trainers already?

If you want to get your school or youth group involved, you can register online quickly and easily, or call us on 01484 411040 or email fundraising@forgetmenotchild.co.uk