Ditch the Desk

Ditch the Desk

Here’s something REALLY different: get out of the office for the day and see how many challenges you can meet – and how many points you can earn – while competing against other teams.

The objectives

For you, the goal is to motivate, reward and develop your people while networking with other local businesses. For us, it’s to use competing teams to raise awareness and income for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. The key word here is teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! It’s exciting, it gets you out of the usual routine, and it usually involves quite a bit of self-discovery.


Your team

You’ll pick a pre-determined challenge date and send up to 4 people who are ready for a serious challenge. It could be one individual or a handpicked team of colleagues They’ll be split across 4 crack teams on the day, each made up of different local companies. They’ll need to be raring to go and determined to smash it. They’ll also need bags of initiative and enthusiasm, and a sense of fun.


Your mission

After a quick 9am briefing, all 4 teams will be sent out across West Yorkshire for a series of fast-paced tests against the clock –  a bit like the TV series Challenge Anneka. Teams collect points for achieving a series of objectives, from the fairly easy to the are-you-kidding-me? (See the table below). Who can sign up 3 people for a skydive? Who can snag the use of a Rolls Royce for the day, as a raffle prize? Who can bring back a cheque? Who can get themselves on air?


Your skills

Your team will dig deep to find personal and professional resources they might not know they had. Are they great blaggers? How good are their business contacts? Can they get complete strangers to do something unexpected? How good are they at selling? Do they have guerrilla skillz? Can they part people from their money – legally?

Your mission controllers

Your controllers back at base (the hospice) will stay in touch throughout the day via mobile phone, occasionally throwing curve-balls to which your team must respond – for example, extra points if you can bring back a red kettle, or dash to one of our charity shops and sell 3 items while you’re there.

Your tools

You’ll need one car (seating at least 4 people) and a mobile phone – we’ll provide everything else.

Mission de-brief

Teams must be back at base for 4pm (or they’ll lose points), where they’ll be met with refreshments while we tot up the points – and there are prizes! You’ll also hear from a guest speaker and have chance to network with the other businesses involved that day.

Points earned and lost

Example ways to earn points

How to lose points

Place a FMN collection tub

 Stray out of your assigned territory

Place a FMN poster, leaflet or booklet

 Be late getting back to base

Sign up a participant for a challenge event

 Not wearing purple

Collect raffle prizes, experiences or promises*

 Not believing in magic

Recruit volunteers or marshals for an event

 Saying 'no'

Sell a table or tickets for an event


Persuade a business to sponsor an event


Sign a business up to the 99 Business Club


Collect donations


Get onto local radio or TV (in real time)



* Raffle prizes can be anything from bottles of wine to event tickets, experiences, red-letter days and promises which can be auctioned off. 


Next steps

If you’d like to take part yourself, or to send an individual or a team of up to 5 people, contactEmma Kovaleski at Forget Me Not and take it from there!