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Payroll giving – make a difference every pay day.

Payroll giving is an easy, tax-efficient way for your employees to support the causes they love. Help them make a difference every pay day to the children and families we support by signing up to payroll giving today.

Why payroll giving?

Payroll giving is a simple and tax-efficient scheme that means your employees can donate regularly to Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice (and other charities) directly from their gross salary.

Quick and easy to set up, payroll giving benefits everyone: employees, charities and businesses.

Benefits to your employees

  • Makes it easy to support the causes they care about
  • It’s the only way of giving that allows full tax relief on donations
  • They are in control and can stop or change their donations when it suits them.

    Download an employee guide to payroll giving 

Benefits to your business

  • Shows commitment to your local charity, your community and corporate social responsibility
  • Makes it easy for your employees to give regularly and is great for staff morale
  • There are minimal to zero set up costs.

Benefits to Forget Me Not

  • Regular and reliable income means we can make plans and budget for the future
  • Payroll giving can mean higher gifts since because givers benefit from tax relief, they often give more.
  • Match funding by employers is a great incentive for employees to sign up and extra income for our charity.

How does it work? 

Once you have set up your scheme, your employees will be able to sign up to donate. Each payday, their chosen donation amount will be taken directly out of their gross salary by your payroll department. The donation will be taken after National Insurance is deducted, but before tax. 

All employees’ donations are sent from your company to a payroll giving agency (PGA) who will handle the transfer of the funds to Forget Me Not or any other charity your employees have chosen to support.

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The 5 steps to payroll giving success!

1) Get everyone on board 

The support of senior management, payroll and HR is essential. We can help by telling them about our charity, how we benefit from regular donations and how to make payroll giving work for you. Email or call 01484 411 040 to arrange a visit. 

2) Sign up with a payroll giving agency (PGA)

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign up with a PGA. PGAs facilitate payroll giving and will distribute your employees’ donations to their chosen charity or charities. You can find a list of government approved PGAs here
3) Promote payroll giving to staff 

Your employees may never have heard of payroll giving so it’s important to promote the scheme. We’ve created this downloadable employee leaflet for you to share with your staff and are more than happy to run ‘lunch and learn’ sessions with them.
4) Employees sign up 

All employees have to do is let your payroll department know they want to join the scheme and complete your chosen PGA’s sign up form. 

5) Donations begin 

Now that you’ve got a payroll giving scheme and your employees are signed up, your payroll team can start making the deductions each and every payday! You may want to match fund the money that your employees have donated – to show your support for the causes they care about and commitment to your local community.

That’s it! Through payroll giving, you and your employees will make a difference every pay day to the local children and families we support. 

Promoting payroll giving to employees


Make it even easier to sign up

  • Promote payroll giving desk to desk or in a shared space like the canteen, as this is the most effective and easiest way to get people to sign up.
  • Use emails and the intranet to enable staff to sign up instantly via a simple form. Or ask your PGA to provide you with a simple paper form which you can give out to staff. To sign up, they fill out the form and return it to your payroll department. 

Practise what you preach!

  • Sign up yourself and get your senior managers to set a good example!
  • Recruit a committed group of staff volunteers. They can be invaluable in promoting your scheme to their peers. 

Promote the reasons why

  • Share with employees the reasons why you’re supporting Forget Me Not with payroll giving.
  • Invite us into your workplace to deliver some ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where we can inspire your employees with the difference their donation will make to the children and families we care for.

Keep promoting

  • Put reminders about payroll giving in payslips or add a payroll giving area to your online HR system.
  • Run regular promotions to maintain awareness and continue to recruit new donors throughout the year.
  • Include promotional materials in new starter and induction packs to inform new staff about the scheme. 

Celebrate success 

  • Thank your employees and celebrate their donations via newsletters, in team meetings or at away days. Use your success stories as a positive PR opportunity.
  • Consider matching your employees’ donations and publicise this to your employees - this is a powerful incentive.

Got more questions? 

If you've still got any questions about Payroll Giving, download our detailed FAQs document!