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How you can help

People from across West Yorkshire get up to all sorts to raise money for us. And we couldn’t be more grateful – because every penny counts. Every penny goes towards essential care and support for local children and families that helps them to make the most of every moment.  

Get inspired!

Every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things to raise money for Forget Me Not. But you don’t have to throw yourself out of a plane to fundraise (although if that floats your boat, we can make that happen!). Because every bake sale, raffle, garden party, fashion show or golf day that people put on to raise vital funds – either by themselves or as a group – makes a lasting difference to the children and families we support.   

If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, we’re here to help you get your event or group off the ground. And there are plenty of other ways to support us – by making a donation, volunteering or visiting one of our shops. 

Organise your own event

Whether you hold a raffle or pub quiz or put on a coffee morning for friends or rally the troops for a sporting challenge, the only limit to what you do, is your imagination! 

Fundraise together

Many of our longest-serving supporters are those who came together to find ways to fundraise – knowing that there is power in numbers! All it takes is a few friends and a shared goal and you can achieve anything! 

Take on a challenge!

Want to do something you’ll never forget, that will push you to your limits? We have a calendar of challenges from skydives to marathons or you can come up with your own. Thrill-seekers welcome! 

Need help with your fundraising?

Want help to make sure your fundraising idea flies? There’s a wealth of information, tips and advice in our fundraising pack, including all the legal guidance you need to follow. And our fundraising team is always on hand to help.