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Leave a gift in your will

Making a will is about securing your family’s future, after you’re gone. By leaving a gift in your will, you’ll help secure our future too. That’s a legacy to be proud of.

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A smiling Asian woman with her son on her knee, in conversation with a member of the family support team. The son has a breathing tube in his nose

Leave a legacy that makes a lifetime of difference

We know those closest to you come first. That’s just as it should be.

But once you have taken care of the people who are important to you, we hope you’ll choose to leave a gift to Forget Me Not in your will.

Even a 1% gift will make a huge difference to the families we support, and means your loved ones will still receive 99% of your estate.

You can also qualify for tax relief if you leave at least 10% to a charity, meaning the rest of your estate will go even further for your loved ones.

Why leave a gift in your will?

  • Anybody can leave a gift in their will, no matter the size of their estate.
  • It costs nothing now to include a gift in your will but the impact of your gift will last long into the future.
  • You don’t have to leave a lump sum. Instead you can leave a percentage of your estate to your chosen charity.
  • Every penny of your gift will go towards helping local children and their families.
  • Gifts to a charity are exempt from inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax. So when you gift it to a charity like ours, your money can go further and do more.

How do you leave a gift in your will?

Leaving a gift in your will is incredibly simple.

It’s simply a short instruction in your will which lets people know that you want someone (in this case, our children’s hospice) to benefit from your estate after you die. All you need is our name (Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice) and our registered charity number (1110457).

Don’t have a will?

If you die without having made a will, the law decides how your estate gets divided up – and your family and friends have no say in the matter. Everything you own could go to the government, and the people and charities you care about most could get nothing. So be sure to make a will: that way, your wishes will be cast in stone.

If you don’t yet have a will, you can use our free will-writing service in partnership with Farewill, the UK’s largest will-writing service.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to some commonly asked questions about leaving a gift, answered by Ellie Hirst, private client solicitor at Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors.

There are different types of gift that that can be left in your will. This can either take the form of a specific gift (an item), a pecuniary gift (a cash sum), or a percentage share of the estate (the residuary estate that is left after debts and liabilities have been discharged). A percentage may be beneficial instead of leaving a legacy which may reduce in value due to inflation. This way, Forget Me Not will receive a proportional gift depending on your personal wealth.