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Sibling support

Brothers and sisters can sometimes feel a bit left out or struggle with their feelings. We’re here to help them cope.

Helping you support all the children in your family

Having a brother or sister with a life-shortening condition can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Siblings might spend long periods of time in hospital, even though they are fit and well, or miss out on activities with friends. Sometimes they might feel they need to protect their parents from extra stress, or have worries which affect school and interactions with other children. Or they’re struggling to come to terms with the loss of their sibling.

We help brothers and sisters to safely explore, share and understand their feelings. We do this by providing plenty of care and support, in lots of different ways, for as long as it’s needed.  

How we can help

Having fun with friends

Our support group for siblings meets monthly for activity sessions, parties and day trips. A chance to have some fun with others going through similar things. 

Getting creative

Our therapists work with siblings using creative techniques (music, art, drama and play) to explore and express difficult emotions and feelings, build self-esteem and confidence.

Counselling and bereavement support

If needed, our counsellors and bereavement support workers are on hand to help your child deal with their emotions. 

Get the support your family needs

We’ve made it easy to find out whether your family is eligible for our care and what support is available to you. And it’s easy to refer your family to us, when you’re ready.