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A safe space to talk and work through your feelings, to help you cope a little better with everything life is throwing at you right now. 

When you need to talk

Whether you’re struggling to come to terms with your child’s diagnosis or birth, or you’re feeling particularly under pressure or overwhelmed, or you need help coping with the loss of your baby or child, counselling could benefit you. 

Our counselling is for the individual – we don’t do couples or family counselling. Counselling sessions are open to anyone whose child we are supporting including parents, grandparents and siblings and we also support bereaved families whose child has died within the last two years. 

How we can help

A safe space

Counselling offers a confidential place to talk and explore your feelings without fear of judgment. Your session is dedicated only to you, and you can talk about whatever you want. 

Making life a little easier

We can help you to identify coping mechanisms, break life issues down to manageable levels and to make informed choices around decisions for you and your family. 

Wherever's right for you

You can have your counselling while walking around our garden, over a coffee in Russell House, in your own home, or wherever else would be helpful.  

Get the support your family needs

We’ve made it easy to find out whether your family is eligible for our care and what support is available to you. And it’s easy to refer your family to us, when you’re ready.