Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice cares for families who have a child with a life shortening condition.  We support these families in many different ways to make their lives just a little bit easier.  This could be by giving them a break as we take the role of carer both in the hospice and in their home, or by providing hydrotherapy or music therapy.  The care team spends time with brothers and sisters to give them the time and attention they deserve and are here for families, supporting them when they have to say goodbye to their child for the last time.

We do everything that we can to create special moments for those families that we care for, precious time that they can spend together and moments they will remember forever.

The charity is currently caring for over 100 children and families, more than double the number we were caring for last year.  Every day we have more families who come to us for help.  We know that there are over 700 local families that might benefit from the support we provide.  We want to be here for all those families that need us and we can only do that with your help.

Each year we need to raise more than £3.2 million, with only 4% of this coming from the government your support is vital.