Three members of the care team staff around a bed with a little girl, all smiling.

How we support you

We open up a world of services which support your patients while easing your workload.

We work very closely and collaboratively with hospital teams, community nurses, midwives, GPs, health visitors, social workers and a range of other health & care professionals. We welcome every opportunity to share information about our hospice work, and will happily come into hospitals on a regular basis to provide support for you as well as the families you’re involved with. 

Everything we do is designed to support the entire families of children with life-shortening conditions – and because we’re experienced specialists, we can reduce your burden while also developing your own skills in essential but challenging aspects of your work. And everything we offer is completely free.

Explaining what hospices really do

Hospices tend to be misunderstood, so we welcome the opportunity to share exactly what we do. For example, did you know that at our hospice:
  • our services start from pregnancy and go through to age 21
  • hospices aren’t all about death: we regularly hand young people over to adult hospices
  • we support the entire family, not just the child
  • every single one of our services is available in the child’s own home as well as at our hospice
  • our services are built on happiness, hope and a good dose of humour
  • we’re led by nurses and therapists, not doctors and consultants

Training, development & CPD

We can expand and extend your professional development in the areas of holistic, long-term and palliative care of children and young people with life-shorting conditions. We’ll share our knowledge and skills with you in whichever way suits you best. In particular, we can support you with the most challenging aspects of your work, such as:
  • breaking difficult news to a family
  • how, when and why to refer to a hospice (in life and in death)
  • supporting families through a range of therapies, photography and memory-making
  • improving the experience for families who are losing a baby, child or teenager
  • sensitively handling the death of a baby, child or teenager, and the use of specialist equipment.

Making your work easier

We know you’re unbelievably stretched, so you’ll be glad to hear we can make things easier, simpler and faster for you. Just pick up the phone and we’ll respond in whichever way best supports the child and their family. This can mean:
  • attending a birth
  • being there for the breaking of tough news
  • providing practical help to families struggling with lengthy in-patient stays
  • providing counselling and support for the whole family
  • being there for a death – or taking the child to our hospice or their home first
  • helping the family to say goodbye, either at our Snowflake Suite or by bringing Cuddle Cots/Cuddle Blankets to the hospital
  • handling all of the administration of death, such as liaising with the mortuary, funeral director, place of worship, crematorium, etc.

We’re here to help

We’ll do whatever we can to support you and your patients – just tell us what you need. Call us on 01484 411042 or email Please click here for details on how information you provide us with will be used.