Little girl sat on a bench in the hospice garden.

Paid for stays 

Sometimes you might be supporting a child who would benefit from our care but who doesn’t meet our criteria.

In these circumstances we can provide paid for stays at Russell House, our purpose built, state of the art children’s hospice in Huddersfield. Rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, our services are delivered by a highly qualified and specialist nurse-led team, made up of advanced nurse practitioners, neonatal and children’s palliative nurses, highly trained non qualified care team members, therapists, family support workers and counsellors. We also have a dedicated GP and consultant paediatrician.

Why a child might need our care

There are lots of circumstances when a child who has a complex but not life-shortening condition might benefit from a stay at Russell House, including:

  • When a family need rehoming
  • Where work is taking place in the family home
  • Where home is not a safe place to be
  • While foster carers are being sought or trained
  • While a care package is being put in place
  • When a child needs step down care following a hospital intervention
  • When a family are in need of a short term break
  • When the main family carer is temporarily unable to provide care
  • When a care package has broken down
  • When a family with a personal budget or continuing care plan choose to take a break at Russell House
  • Where responsive respite is required for unplanned and planned breaks.

The value of a stay at Russell House

When staying at Russell House a child and their family would benefit from 24 hour access to a trained specialist nurse and care team member, high quality catering and hotel services, a personalised activity plan and individual assessment for the child based on their likes, dislikes and interests and use of our facilities including the sensory room.

Families can also benefit from, at no extra cost:

  • Signposting to family support services where appropriate, for example carer based services linked to family resilience
  • Access to our 24/7 on call service including support at home or a transfer to the hospice where there is a deteriorating health concern, keeping the child out of hospital
  • Access to hospice activities and activity days for the whole family as part of our charitable remit
  • Training for family members, care support workers or foster carers around a child’s needs.

Next steps

For more details on these breaks and associated costs, please download our guide here. 

To discuss further, please call 01484 411 042 or email