Useful wellbeing resources

Resources to help you build resilience and improve wellbeing.

We've gathered together a library of hugely useful resources for you - like advice on coping with stress and anxiety, tips to help you build resilience, relaxation videos and some fun activities to do at home. 

To download a full list of online resources, click here

Cost of living support

Support with the cost of living - a guide to the organisations who can help people living in Kirklees (Kirklees Council)

Coping with COVID

Resilience webinar - an online guide to building resilience during COVID (Contact)
COVID support guides - on bereavement, trauma, depression, CBT, anxiety and stress (NHS)
Every mind matters - tips and apps on resilience during COVID (NHS)
Wellbeing guide - a really useful guide on wellbeing and coronavirus (MIND)
Sleep and rest in COVID - sleep and resilience tips (Resilience Occupational Therapy)
Boloh - the Black and Asian family COVID hotline (Barnardos)

Getting back to school after lockdown

7 tips - tips to help children who are anxious about going back to school (The Conversation)
Supporting your child's mental health - a guide for parents (UNICEF)

Teen mental health

Teen Mental Health - A Guide for Parents - contains useful tips and insights about academic anxiety, bullying/cyberbullying, body image issues and parents coping with stress.

Coping with self-isolation

Coping with self-isolation - a guide for young people on coping with down days (Young Minds)
'Why can't I go outside and play?' - a video (Rainbow Paediatric Centre)
Music therapy resources - accessible musical resources for children (Music Therapy Tree)

Managing anxiety

Fearnix - an app for managing fear and anxiety (Fearnix)
Yoga for uncertain times - a range of yoga sequences to help with uncertainty (Yoga with Adrienne)
Sleep meditation for children - a video (Sesame Street/Headspace)

Facebook groups

Forget Me Not Dads - for dads of children with complex needs and disabilities
Forget Me Not Grandparents - for grandparents of children with complex needs and disabilities
Forget Me Not Coffee Morning - to chat, listen and ask questions while doing activities for awareness and fundraising

Contact - Ta closed group for parents and carers of disabled children
PCAN Kirklees - local parent forum
EPIC Leeds - local parent forum
Wakefield Parent Carer Forum - local parent forum
WESAIL Wakefield - Wakefield SEND events and information
Bradford Parent Carer Forum - Bradford SEND events and information
Unique Ways - Calderdale SEND events and information

Having fun

Family activities - lots of fun ideas of things to do (Place2Be)
Dance your way around the world - a playlist of 12 songs from different nations, from our very own music therapist!