A small child plays in the garden with plastic windmills in the foreground.

Family events

Spending time with other families, experiencing similar things, can make a big difference to how you feel.

Families often tell us it really helps to talk to other families going through similar experiences, and for children to have fun with other children who might understand them better than we grown-ups can. That’s why we work really hard to arrange opportunities to get together, offering something for everyone. And everyone’s welcome! 

Trips & visits

We love arranging days out for the children we look after. That might involve seeing the animals at petting farms, the Yorkshire Wildlife Centre or Sea Life Centre, or visits to theatres, museums and art galleries – or anything in-between.

Coffee mornings

Our monthly coffee morning is organised at Russell House by some wonderful parents. Over cake and coffee, you can come and chat to other families about anything and everything. Children are very welcome, and benefit just as much. 

Rainbow Group

Our Rainbow Group brings together previously bereaved families who are now expecting again, or have had another child. Their joy will always be tinged with the sadness of other memories, and it helps to share. 

Parent & baby groups

Part of the joy of being a new parent is meeting other parents, but this can be more difficult and complicated when your baby has a life-shortening condition. Our monthly parent & baby group lets families meet in a safe and comforting environment.

Teenage events

It’s important for teenagers to enjoy the company of other teenagers, so we hold themed evenings for them to meet up – whether going to the cinema or theatre, or staying at Russell House for pizza or music nights. The teenagers themselves decide on what they’d like to do next.

Remembrance & celebration

We never forget any of the babies, children or young people we’ve had the privilege of looking after. To celebrate their lives, we invite families to come to a beautiful service of celebration so we can call remember the ones we’ve lost but continue to love. Siblings are looked after, and might get stuck into memory-making crafts to take home afterwards

Summer garden events

We make the best of (hopefully) better weather by using our fantastic outdoor spaces for events like family picnics, BBQs and parties. Children can run around safely and as much as they like in our beautiful gardens.

Christmas party

Every Christmas, Santa pays his annual visit to Russell House. All of the babies, children, young people and siblings we care for can come and meet him, and he brings presents for them all. There’s also a party with music and activities for everyone to enjoy

It's for you!

We're always looking for new ideas for events, so share your thoughts! And if you'd like to come to any of our events, please call 01484 411042 or email care@forgetmenotchild.co.uk. Please click here for details on how information you provide us with will be used.