Child hand painting showing his paint covered hands.

Our services

From the moment we meet to the moment you decide you no longer need us, we’re here to walk your journey with you. 

Walking alongside you is important to us. It means always being there for you, always knowing where you’re at, and always having something to offer. Sometimes ‘walking’ might involve limping, crawling or even stopping for a bit, but sometimes it can even include jumping and running. But whatever happens, we’re here for you.

Pregnancy & birth

Unusually, our services start right from pregnancy, from as soon as you discover that things aren’t going quite to plan. We’ll guide you with difficult decisions, and support you whatever you decide. And before and after your baby is born, we’re here to ensure you are not alone. Read more about our work around pregnancy & birth.

Caring for your child

We offer a wide range of services for your child, from hydrotherapy in our lovely pool to music therapy, play and craft therapy, respite care (day and night), emergency crisis care and symptom control. Read more about caring for your child.

Into adulthood

As your child becomes a teenager or young adult, we’ll support them and your whole family as you change and adapt. We offer a range of services for teenagers, including essential social activities. Read more about our into adulthood work. 

Family support services

We never see any child as anything other than part of a whole family – and the whole family matters, and the whole family is supported. So we offer dedicated support for brothers and sisters, emotional support and counselling, as well as bereavement support.

End-of-life care

Sometimes, sadly, a family has to prepare for the end of their child’s life. This is a time when you need as much support and guidance as it’s possible to get, and when you want as much control as possible over what happens. We’ll be there to help you with all of this. We can help you to develop an end-of-life care plan, as well as with magical memory-making. Read more about our end-of-life care.

Snowflake Suite

We have created a very private, peaceful apartment at Russell House where families can stay overnight, or just visit, to say their last goodbyes to a baby or child who has just died. We provide Cuddle Cots and Cuddle Blankets, enabling a child to be held close. There’s as much time as needed for reading stories, brushing hair, or saying the most important things of all. Read more about our Snowflake Suite.