A mother comforts her teenage son

Caring for your child

We see your child first, and their condition second.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of health and care professionals surrounding you. You probably rush from appointment to appointment, and it can feel like your child is passed around like a hot potato. There never seems to be time to understand everything, to ask all of your questions – or even just to stop and just breathe. Well, all of that changes here and now.

Our children’s hospice offers care that wraps around your whole family like a giant hug. Suddenly, it’s more personal, there’s time for everything, and your child’s condition no longer defines them. While we do an excellent job with all the medical stuff, it’s just part of a much bigger picture. First and foremost, we recognise your child as someone worth getting to know and spend time with. We’ll care for them because of who – and not what – they are.

Our services are available to you whether you’ve only just found out about your child’s condition or have been living with it for years. We promise to see your whole child, as part of your whole family, and to help you enjoy one another. Just because your child has a condition doesn’t mean they can’t lead a fulfilling life.

Getting to know your child

We’ll work very hard to find out just how wonderful and unique your child is,  when we meet them for the first time and your child matures and their interests change. We’re stay in step with your child so we can keep offering them the best possible all-round care and support.

We’ll take our time to find out what makes them happy, and what they love doing. They’ll have their own Play Passport to record all of their favourite things: toys, games, animals, interests, music and sports. We’ll find out what food and clothes they like, and how they like to wear their hair. That way, we'll all know what really interests them. If it matters to your child, we want to know about it – so we can sprinkle a little magic along the way.

Care where it suits you best

We can provide care and support for your child (and your whole family) either here at Russell House or in your own home. If your child stays here for a while, they can bring their own bedding and put posters on the walls, and we’ll dig out the toys we think they’ll most enjoy. We also offer home visits, so your child will receive special care from our team while you catch up with your other children, run some errands, enjoy a meal out, or just soak away in a glorious bubble bath.

Creating magical memories

We’re determined that the children we look after will enjoy happy and fulfilled lives, and that their families can relax and enjoy life, too. So we offer play, music and art activity sessions here at Russell House, and we also organise fun family trips to places like wildlife parks, theatres, activity centres and historical sites – building a bank of magical memories along the way.

Need a break?

If things ever get a bit hard to handle, we offer day and overnight respite care for children, young people and their families at Russell House. Never feel bad about wanting to recharge your batteries and rediscover yourself along the way.

Do you need care like this?

If any of this sounds like just what you need, please just get in touch. Nothing will ever cost you a penny – except possibly the phone call. Telephone us on 01484 411040 or email care@forgetmenotchild.co.uk