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We’re always open, with professionals on duty around the clock.

Whether you’ve got a niggling problem or you just desperately need to talk to someone in the wee small hours, simply pick up the phone. We have plenty of advice to offer, based on our combined years of experience, and we’d rather it was put to good use. Being able to depend on that advice gives you a little extra control over your life, so you don’t feel quite so much like the ball in a pinball machine.

Clinical advice

Our doctors and nurses can offer plenty of accurate, reliable and sensible advice about managing and controlling symptoms, and about caring for your child generally. They’re skilled at working with children with a variety of complex health issues, so won’t be fazed by your questions in the way a general practitioner might.

Out-of-hours godsends

Even at 2am, there’ll always be a senior nurse available to talk to you. They’ll even come out to your home, if that’s what we think you need, to offer a bit of reassurance and have a cup of tea with you. Or, if your child needs it, they can issue a prescription, which could save you yet another trip to A&E, the hospital or your GP.

Understanding tough stuff

Families get lots of advice from a load of different sources, and it can be difficult to take it all in, unpick it, understand it and remember it. Sometimes, it can even conflict! So we can step in to help you make sense of it all, and we can put it into plain English and write it all down for you. We’ll even go to medical appointments with you, because you can only take so much in.

Random questions are OK

Honestly, you can ask us anything. We’ll often be able to advise you ourselves, but if we can’t then we’ll certainly find someone who can. So whether you want help to understand your benefits entitlements, or how to plan a holiday in Kazakhstan, or where to buy lotus flowers, just ask.

Advising people outside your family

Our advice isn’t only available to your family: it’s open to anyone if it makes your child’s life, or your life, more manageable and enjoyable. For example, we’ll be happy to talk to your child’s school, or their siblings’ schools, about how best to support your child and their brother and/or sister. In the same way, we can talk to your employer so they can better understand your situation.

Helping you see round corners

Because we’re experienced at this sort of thing, we often know what the next stage is likely to be for you. We can help you to plan and prepare so there are no unexpected surprises, and we can point out, for example, that you can probably expect a call from this person or that one. 

Don’t hesitate!

Ask us anything on 01484 411040 or email