Close up picture of an adult hand holding a childs hand.

Bereavement support

We help make the impossible possible: facing the loss of a child

The death of a child is the worst thing that can happen to a family. But it can be survived – and survived well – if you get the support you need. Our wide range of bereavement support is available to you for as long as you want it, even life-long, and it’s all completely free. 

We’ve supported a lot of families who’ve been through the darkest of days. So even though every family is completely different, our experience can be a great comfort to you.

Our bereavement support is for always. We’ll never wonder why you still need us, or think you should be ‘better’ now, because no one ever gets over the loss of their child. But with our help, you can learn to understand it, face it, and live with it, and not feel guilty about moving forward.

It may be that you lost a child a long time ago, but suddenly need to start managing your feelings in a different way, or something has stirred up difficult memories. You can come to us even if we’ve never met before, and you’re welcome to use our bereavement services for as long as you like, for free. 

What you can expect 

We do offer counselling, while recognising that it’s not for everyone, but we also offer loads more besides. Informal talking is important, too, so you can talk to us or other families. You could use our art, craft or music therapy, and our support groups. We also have specialist support for siblings. You might find that a simple walk around our pretty garden helps to restore your soul from time to time. And if you have a special request, just ask.

Immediately around your child’s death

Our Snowflake Suite could help you say a proper goodbye to your child. You can also have photos taken, make memory boxes, or create a heartbeat lullaby. We can register your child’s death for you, and speak to the undertakers, if it’s too much for you to do. We’ll support you with arranging and getting through the funeral. We can help you with deciding what to do with your child’s ashes afterwards, and what to do about their bedroom.

Longer-term support

You may like to talk to other families who’ve also been bereaved, or come to our Celebration Evening where we can publicly remember your child. Perhaps you’d like to come back here for important events and anniversaries. You and your child will always be remembered, and always remembered by name.

Sometimes a particular trigger point can bring painful memories flooding back. It could be an anniversary, or seeing a TV programme dealing with the loss of a child. It could be when a family member or friend gets pregnant, or themselves loses a child. It could be someone’s insensitivity. We’re always here with a hug, a hot cuppa and ways to help you start feeling more hopeful. 

The whole family is welcome here

Our bereavement support is for the whole family, including siblings and grandparents. Grandparents feel not only the loss of their grandchild but also the pain of seeing their own child suffer. The rest of the family needn’t even know, if that’s what the grandparents prefer. 

We work with schools and other organisations

We’d be more than happy to work with your child’s school or any other group which was close to them. We can talk to teachers and children to help them understand what has happened and what you’re experiencing, so they can be a better support to you. We can also help them deal with their own sense of loss and their desire to remember and commemorate your child.