a father supports his child in a swimming pool.

Hydrotherapy pool

Splishy-splashy fun to help ease everyone’s symptoms.

There’s nothing mysterious about our hydrotherapy pool, but there is something magical about it. It’s here for you to use at any time: the water is warm, the atmosphere is welcoming, and it’s open to the whole family, so it’s a great way to enjoy special times together. We’ll never forget the time a dad took his son in the pool – and saw him smile for the first time in 5 years.

Because public pools can be difficult

Let’s face it, children love to splash about but your local pool can be problematic. Not all of them have hoists, the water can be cold, the showers and changing rooms can be difficult to manage, and there can be a lot of staring. So make the most of our fantastic hydrotherapy pool, instead.

But isn’t it just for ‘therapy’?

If it puts a smile on anyone’s face, that’s therapy as far as we’re concerned.

Who can use our hydrotherapy pool?

Anyone connected to your child is welcome to use our pool. It can be just your child, accompanied by an adult family member or one of our care professionals. Or you can use it by yourself, and just float your cares away for an hour or so. Or the whole family can come and splash around together. You can even take photos – or have photos taken – in and around the pool.

What’s the pool like?

Our hydrotherapy pool is heated to 35 degrees, which is close to body temperature, so it’s lovely and toasty-warm. It’s a sensory environment, too, thanks to gentle movement in the water, lighting, and images on the walls. There’s a ceiling hoist for getting in and out easily and safely, and a care team member is on hand to ensure you have a great time.

What about your child’s condition?

Almost all children can use the pool. Not only will they benefit from the pure enjoyment, but the gentle support of the water can help to ease a wide range of symptoms – so they could enjoy more movement with less pain. We’ll always check with your child’s specialist first, though, because the pool isn’t suitable for a small number of children (for example, if they’re using a ventilator).