woman playing child's guitar with children's toys on table next to her.

Music therapy

Music can be a beautiful and effective way to express yourself when words just won’t come, or aren’t enough – especially for children. 

We use music in to help people explore and share their feelings, and have fun while they’re doing it! You don’t even need to be musical already: every toot, bang and plink-plonk sounds magical to us. We use music with anyone who’d like it: the children we care for, their parents, their brothers and sisters... even grandparents and friends can join in! Music is available in any way that works for you: as a one-on-one or family session, a party of up to 16 people, or the basis of a teenage evening or family music day.

Our music room & instruments

Our fabulous music room has everything from drums and cymbals to ukuleles, guitars, keyboards, a light beam, recorders, and even a digeridoo (but no tuba, in case anyone ever fell in!). You can use these instruments here in our music room or we can take them anywhere: into our garden or to your home or school, for example. We also have a piano in The Hub, and a wonderful wooden xylophone out in the fresh air of our garden. 

What a performance!

There’s more to music than our music room and instruments. We also have a community choir, for anyone who wants to join in – children, mums and dads, volunteers, supporters and team members. A wonderful way to meet up every week and have a singalong.

And anyone can come to our monthly musical days, where a musician does performances in The Hub. It can be a great thing to watch and hear, but there’s usually a chance to get involved and have fun, too, through a workshop or just mucking in.

Music therapy or community music?

We have a music therapist as well as a community musician:

  • Music therapy is a guided process designed to improve mental or physical health, giving people the chance to be energetic and spontaneous in a safe space. It helps to release emotions while getting creative, and by enabling you to be heard, has been proven to boost self-esteem. We can even teach children to start playing an instrument, although it’s not very formalised and we don’t prepare them for exams!
  • Community music is what we sometimes offer to children and families who’d benefit from regular sessions but don’t need to be referred for music therapy. Unlike music therapy, community music isn't about clinical health: it's about giving people the chance to enjoy the experience of music while supporting each other. 

Music in pregnancy

Our music therapist will work with your family at any time, including pregnancy. One thing many families enjoy is recording their baby's heartbeat and creating a piece of music around it, perhaps a lullaby. It’s a precious and unique memory to treasure forever.