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Practical support

Don’t bear your burdens alone. We’re here to help.

Parenting can be challenging enough even when your child doesn’t have complex needs! So a big part of what we offer is practical support so that you can live as normal a life as possible, and do all the things other parents do.

Getting some respite

Sometimes you just need a break. You might need to recharge your batteries while someone else looks after your child, or the whole family might need to get some respite away from an untidy house and demanding friends, family and pets. So we offer respite breaks for your child or for your whole family here at Russell House.

Respite can be for an afternoon, overnight, a weekend or longer. If you come as a family, you’ll have your meals cooked for you and you’ll be able to relax over a glass of wine, if you so wish. And it’s someone else’s job to do the washing up and make the beds!

Getting away

If you want to get away from home, we can help with that, too. Perhaps you need a holiday abroad, or to attend a wedding. We can arrange their own ‘holiday’ for your child, here at the hospice. So you can relax, knowing your child is being exceptionally well looked-after in your absence.

Making special memories

We can use some of our magic to help you create special memories together. That could include a trip out somewhere, artwork or music, photography, or a party. Whatever you need, we'll do our best to make it happen!