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Support groups

There’s a lot to be said for being with other people who are in the same boat.

Professionals can make a big difference. But there’s a special kind of power in helping, and being helped by, other people experiencing something similar to you. Because no one understands the way you do.

That’s why we organise and facilitate support groups in the comfortable surroundings of Russell House, so everyone can help each other on their journey, if that’s what they choose. We’ll help you find the right group; you can attend every session or just pop in occasionally – or we can help if you want to set up a new group.

There’s always a warm welcome (for grandparents and friends, too) and we’ll introduce you and help you feel comfortable. And don’t worry about the groups being intense: there’s always laughter, and as often as not the conversation will turn to what was on TV last night. Because life goes on, and we all want to feel normal.

Pregnancy support group

This support group is for you if you’re expecting a child which is likely to be born with a life-shortening condition. You might find it helpful to meet with other parents who are going through a similar experience to you. You can share your worries and questions and perhaps find friendships in the most unlikely of situations. 

Baby & parent support group

This group is ideal if you have a baby with a life-shortening condition. Learning about that condition, and how to manage it, can be a time of anxiety and stress. And it’s hard to attend community groups if you feel very aware that your child may not reach the same milestones, or at the same time, as other children. Here, you’re never the odd ones out.

Rainbow Group

Our monthly Rainbow Group is for families who are expecting again, or have had a baby, after having lost a baby in the past. This can help you to deal with some of the feelings and memories which are stirred up and you can talk to other parents who have been through a similar journey to you. You can bring your new baby for play and activity sessions up to 18 months of age.

Don’t forget about our events

There’s a big overlap between groups and our events, because families use all sorts of opportunities to get together and share experiences. For example, we have a choir and monthly music days, monthly coffee mornings, summer picnics, teenage evenings, a family Christmas dinner, trips and holidays, craft sessions, and activities for brothers and sisters.

Ask about support groups

We’ll do whatever we can to help you get the support you need – or to support others. Call us on 01484 411040 or email