Mother interacts with her teenage son.

Into adulthood

As a young person grows, their needs change. We’ll stay with them as they progress to being a teenager and into young adulthood.

We’re here for families from before their child is born all the way through to their 21st birthday, and we take referrals up to the age of 19. During that time, your child’s needs, wants and rights will change, as will their ability to have a say in their own care. It doesn’t matter how old your child is when we first meet them: we’ll walk alongside them as they mature, helping them every step of the way.

Our specialist team will support everyone in your family throughout these changes. We’ll celebrate the milestone of every birthday with you, and gradually adapt our services so that what we offer is always appropriate to your child’s age, interests and needs.

Freedom of choice is essential

We’re conscious that so many decisions about care and treatment are made by professionals, and not by the young person themselves. That’s why we encourage them to make as many of their own decisions as possible and, by doing so, to grow in confidence, maturity and independence. At the same time, we’re sensitive to the needs of those around them, including their families and professionals.

Teenager Space

Young people sometimes need a little time and space to themselves, and to be able to do things which are appropriate to their age. The Teenager Space at Russell House includes a cinema screen, large-screen TVs, games consoles, football tables, nail bars and more. They’re welcome to use the space as much as they like, and to bring a friend or even make new ones here.

Time out

We’re more than happy to arrange time away from Russell House. Activities might include shopping trips, hair and beauty sessions, sports matches, the cinema or theatre, a bite to eat, or even a drink in a pub for those aged over 18. Whatever interests your child, we’ll do our best to arrange it!