a room with a table, chair and sofa and soft furnishings.

Snowflake Suite

Take your time to say goodbye.

Sadly, some of the babies, children and young people we care for will die. This is a time when families need a massive amount of support, understanding and privacy, and that’s just what we’re here for.

In the midst of their grief, families mustn’t be rushed to say goodbye to their child for the last time. So we’ve created the Snowflake Suite at Russell House, a private apartment with independent access, which you’re welcome to use until the funeral, or until you agree with us the time is right to say goodbye.

The Snowflake Suite is a quiet, comfortable place offering all the time, space and support you need to begin facing your loss. A place where you can simply be yourself; a place where you can invite close friends, siblings and grandparents to come and say their goodbyes, too. And, as always, you’ll have as much or as little support from our specialist team as you would like.

Use the time however you want

We make it possible for you to say goodbye your way. You might choose to spend your time having precious cuddles, changing a nappy, washing or dressing your child, brushing their hair, and taking photos. For some families, a week or more with their child is possible and feels right; for others, a few hours may be all they have. We can help you take your child home for a visit, if that’s what you want. We don't lay down any rules, and will be there to help when the funeral takes place if that's what you need.

"Forget Me Not were so compassionate and supportive – way beyond our expectations. Nothing was too much trouble: they even let us bring our family pet to the Snowflake Suite."

Create cherished memories

Following the loss of your child, we’ll help you to create memories and keepsakes to treasure forever. From the comfort of the Snowflake Suite, you’re welcome to use all of our facilities, including our photography, music and art sessions. You can spend time taking photos. Perhaps you’d like to capture your child’s unique fingerprint, or their hand or footprint; you might want to snip a lock of hair. And simply spending time together provides unforgettable moments to cherish.

Help with arrangements

There’s a lot of paperwork to deal with at the very time you’re least able to face it. So we’ll support you with arranging registrar appointments, making important decisions, and arranging a funeral. We’re here to look after the whole family throughout this difficult journey.

What’s in the Snowflake Suite?

This cosy apartment contains an integrated sitting room/kitchen/diner where you can cook, eat, drink and relax with your family. There’s a super-king-size bed, a sofabed, and an en-suite bathroom. You’ll have a private entrance and French windows overlooking a secluded garden. Then there’s a separate room for your child, equipped with storybooks and a rocking chair and the makings of a memory box. It’s a peaceful space where you can gather your energies before having to face the world and the many people who want to share your grief.

Specially equipped for dignity over time

This extra time is made possible thanks to chilled CoverCool blankets for older children and CuddleCots for babies. They offer your child the dignity they need while you take your time to say goodbye.

Visit or ask for more information

As with all of our services, there’s no charge for using the Snowflake Suite. You’re very welcome to ask us any questions or to visit the apartment (providing it isn’t in use at the time). Simply complete our visit request form, call us on 01484 411040 or email care@forgetmenotchild.co.uk