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Support for sudden child bereavement


We're the only children's hospice in the UK to have a dedicated key worker for those families whose child has just died, suddenly and unexpectedly. Supporting them in whatever way they need, whether that’s spending time with their child in the Snowflake Suite, or getting practical help and bereavement support.

How we support families following the sudden death of a child

Between 60 to 70 children under 18 die suddenly in West Yorkshire each year. The causes are often unknown but can include car accidents, fires and illness. Families are left bereft and distraught, while also often having to deal with the various agencies that might be involved - the coroner, the police etc - without specialised support. 

Our dedicated key worker is there for these families in whatever way they need.

Helping families get through the first days, weeks and months, we provide face-to-face emotional support and practical help. We might attend meetings with families, explaining processes and procedures, attend inquests or court hearings, and liaise with other professionals. We’ll also help families access other services they may need.

Sibling support

Brothers and sisters can be particularly traumatised by the sudden death of their sibling and the experience can have a far-reaching impact on their mental health and wellbeing. We can provide counselling, creative therapy and sibling support groups as well as helping mum and dad find ways to comfort and support their children.

How to make a referral

Our SUDIC service is based at our hospice, Russell House, in Huddersfield. We take referrals from across West Yorkshire and anyone can make a referral, with the family’s permission. 

To refer a family to us, please click here.