Members of our team on the swings in the Forget Me Not gardens.

Why work for us?

If you thought you knew what it might be like to work at a children’s hospice, think again. This is a really special place to work, with really brilliant careers on offer.

Only the best will do for us. Because our children and families deserve only the best. But that’s not just the best people to work directly with children and families. We also want the very best people for other roles too. We look for leading talent wherever we may find it - our team members have come from careers in banking, the law, retail and manufacturing, for example. And the reason they’re here is because they want to be part of something really meaningful and full of opportunity. 

“Teamwork was highly evident throughout the service, with all members of staff valued and respected in their roles.” – CQC ‘Outstanding’ report

Our #OneTeam philosophy recognises that whatever your role here, you’re integral to Forget Me Not. We couldn’t welcome our families into our hospice without the very best housekeeping staff making sure the place is absolutely spotless. We couldn’t provide high quality care without the best fundraisers and retail staff working tirelessly to generate the income we need. And we couldn’t function at all without a team of talented ‘backroom staff’, in estates management, finance, IT, HR and marketing, keeping the whole show on the road.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

1 - We look after each other. Our work can be emotionally demanding, so we genuinely care for one another in ways big and small – from resilience training and one-on-one support to just picking up your pen when you drop it.

2 - We empower our people to be pioneering. We listen to ideas and give people the space they need to try them out. Which means being comfortable with the fact that not every idea will be successful.

3 - The unexpected. Russell House, if that’s where your role is based, is not how you might imagine a children’s hospice to be – it’s contemporary, colourful, family-orientated and spacious. And our shops are not your average high street shop, they’re real community hubs.

Here’s what we expect from you:

1 - To bring your whole self to work. This doesn’t mean working 24/7 at the expense of your personal life. Far from it – in fact, we encourage flexible working. But we owe it to the families Forget Me Not supports to put 100% into our working day. Our jobs are not for us, they're for them.

2 - To not assume that you’re in for an easy life because we're a charity. This is no soft option. We demand the highest standards of performance, which we reward with recognition, professional development and great benefits.

3 - To understand that trust is fundamental to everything we do. So we expect all our staff to always work with integrity and to respect others, to ensure we are trusted by our families, our teams and our supporters.

Up for it? Then, check out our current vacancies!