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A team of local carpentry apprentices have made us an outdoor play den!

We’re thrilled to have been given a beautiful, eco-friendly play den called ‘The Pod’, which has just been installed in our gardens at Russell House, Huddersfield. 

The Pod was built by carpentry apprentices at Kirklees College as part of a project to test their skills in creating a curved, arched structure. The students used recycled wood donated by Howarth Timber and Building Supplies in Brighouse, and their talent and attention shine through in the finished result. 

The completed project was too big for the college or any of the students to keep, so Kirklees College offered The Pod to us. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance! And to top it all off, V&A Robinson & Sons – a local haulage contractor – delivered it to Russell House for free. 

The Pod makes an exciting and eye-catching addition to our gardens, which already feature a sibling playground, a big outdoor wooden xylophone and sensory plants. We can’t wait to see it being put to good use! And as always, we’re so grateful to the many individuals and businesses who made it all possible.