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Charities like ours are #NeverMoreNeeded

We’re backing the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign because, like many other charities, we know the work we do helps change people’s lives, and our community, for the better. We know that the support we provide is a lifeline to so many families across West Yorkshire. 

While we’ve been helping respond to coronavirus, we’ve had little chance to fundraise or to generate other income. At the same time, the demand for the work we do continues. Children continue to need end of life care, babies continue to be born with life-shortening conditions and families facing the loss of their child continue to need all the help and support that we can provide. And families who are caring for children with complex conditions need respite – now more than ever.

We want to carry on making a positive difference because we’re #NeverMoreNeeded than now.

But what can you do to help?

It’s really easy. To show your support:

• Follow the campaign on social media @NeverMoreNeeded; like, retweet and reply using #NeverMoreNeeded
• Write to your local MP about the campaign – here’s a template letter.
• Share your story – how has Forget Me Not touched your life or your family? What difference have we made to you? Let us (and the world) know – click here or email