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Commendation award from the High Sheriff for one of our amazing supporters!

Brenda was one of the small group of friends that Forget Me Not founder, Linda Senior, asked to help campaign and fundraise for the provision of children’s palliative care services so that other local families didn’t struggle in the same way she had to find support for her son, Russell. 

One of Forget Me Not’s founder directors, Brenda was also integral in raising the £2million needed to build Russell House over 10 years ago.

But getting Russell House up and running wasn’t enough for Brenda. She and her group, Friends of Forget Me Not, knew that without ongoing and long-term support the charity wouldn’t be able to continue the good work they’d started. So she’s kept going, as committed to the cause now as she was on day one. 

Susan Baker, High Sheriff of West Yorkshire said: “Part of my role as High Sheriff is to encourage and support all those who give their time, skills and effort for the benefit of others. I was told about the incredible work that Brenda does and has done over the last 20 years. So it was a huge pleasure to be able to say thank you and to present Brenda with a High Sheriff award in recognition of great and invaluable services to the community. It’s richly deserved.”

Brenda Astin said: “I’ve never been one for the limelight. I believe that what I did was for the children and families at this hospice so this is totally unexpected and I’m really honoured!” 

Brenda’s passion for and dedication to Forget Me Not is truly awe-inspiring! We estimate she has raised over £500,000 over 20 years which is an incredible achievement. This award is a fitting tribute for all her hard work.