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“Everyone in our community can play a part” (for the chance to win £1000!)

84 year old Mavis joined our lottery scheme 3 years ago. She hadn’t really thought about it again, until we called her with the news that she’d won £1000! She even wondered if it was a hoax call but was thrilled when we visited with the cheque!

Besides very generously donating £200 straight back to us, Mavis will be spending her winnings on her 18(!) grandchildren. “With Christmas just round the corner, this will come in very handy!” she said.

So why should people play our lottery, Mavis? “It isn’t even about the lottery as it’s not about the winning, it’s about doing what you can to support local children and families in terribly sad circumstances – any form of giving regularly is important and I will continue to do so as long as I live!”

lottery - jim

Jim is 71 years old and couldn’t believe his luck when we called to tell him the good news – the only thing he’d ever won before was a beach ball when he was 8 years old!


He originally signed up to play our lottery at Christmas 2017. He knew very little about us but felt generous with it being Christmas and has never really given his small monthly direct debit a second thought. After his tour of our hospice, he said he was overwhelmed and couldn’t quite muster the words to express his gratitude for what we do here. He beautifully summed up our care as “like a big hug” and that he is humbled to be a small part of this. “Everyone in our community can play a part, he said, “regardless of how big or small. Lightning sometimes strikes twice so I’m taking out a second number and doubling my payments – you have to be in it to win it after all!”

Before he left, he donated £100, which he gift aided too. He plans to share his winnings with several local charities that are close to his heart and we’re proud to say that we are now firmly one of them!

To play our lottery for just £1 a week, you can sign up easily here