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“Forget Me Not’s support was like a lifeline”

Molly was born on 3rd April 2021. Mum Emma says, “she was so tiny but she was a little fighter. She would hold my finger and kept pulling the wires off her face.” Very sadly, Molly died 24 hours after being born.

It was then that a nurse at the hospital told the family about Forget Me Not. “I had assumed we would have a few hours with Molly and then walk out on our own. But with Forget Me Not we could spend time together as a family.” 

“It was like a lifeline. You don’t expect that – to be thrown some extra time that you never thought you’d have. It eases you a bit, you’re not as anxious, because you know you’ve got a bit more time. We were able to walk out of the hospital with Molly in a little wicker cradle.”

The family came to stay in our Snowflake suite. “It was a home-from-home, just felt so comfortable, and nice to be there with her. And the staff were amazing.”

“It was the most precious thing – having that time and space to do normal things, with support if you needed it. We washed and dressed her. Her sister, Evelyn, got to hold her and make handprints with her. A heart-breaking moment became a moment of peace and happiness.” 

The day before Molly’s funeral, Emma realised she wanted to take her home, just for one night. “But I thought I’d left it too late. But Forget Me Not made it possible – they helped us bring her home.”

Emma says: “It’s those moments you don’t think you’re going to get and these are all precious things to add to your memories. Because you’ve got nothing else but memories.”