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Gareth’s blog: The golden quarter

We’re now in what’s known as the ‘golden quarter’ for fundraising. Just as shops often rely on the run up to Christmas to make the profit that will see them through the rest of the year, so do many charities pull out all the stops to fundraise during this period to help fund their work in the months that follow.

It’s the season that offers so many opportunities to fundraise – there are events like fayres, markets, light switch-ons, carol services. People are gearing up for the big supermarket food shop, as well as trying to find reasonably-priced cards and pressies. They might also be looking for fun things to do with friends or the kids. And as they prepare to celebrate, many people are also looking for ways to help those for whom Christmas is a difficult time of year. 

At Forget Me Not, we try and make it as easy as possible for people to support us, in whatever way they’re able. If you’re short of time, could you make a donation or buy a raffle ticket? If you’re on a tight budget, could you spare a couple of hours to volunteer? Could you swap where you usually buy your Christmas jumper, Secret Santa gift or Christmas cards and buy them from our charity shops instead? And if you can’t do any of these things, could you simply spread the word by sharing our social media posts or telling a friend?

Whether you’re collecting people’s change in one of our buckets, or you’re the person putting a pound in, you’re both making a huge difference to the local children and families we support. Helping us be here for families throughout Christmas and beyond. 

That’s something to feel really good about. And who doesn’t want to feel good at Christmas?!


To get involved, you can find out more about volunteering here, shop online here or book your Christmas tree collection here. Keep your eyes peeled too for the launch of our Christmas Raffle and Christmas Appeal.