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Globe-trotting adventures with Forget Me Not this summer!

We’ve taken our children and families travelling across continents this summer. We played with dried pasta in Europe, had snowball fights and saw penguins in the Arctic and in Asia we made a chicken wire elephant and met a sacred (cardboard) cow.

Over the weeks, the Hub has got more and more colourful as all the things we’ve made are added to our collection of travel souvenirs: the drawings, paintings, the flags and, of course, the memories of all the fun we’ve had. For one mum, it was lovely to see her children getting messy together!

And we rounded off our round the world expedition with a fantastic celebration party last Friday, with a big red fire engine and a parade round the garden showing off the flags and banners we’ve made! Not only that but we were joined by the amazing Orange Box choir for music and singing! It was great fun, with our families really getting into the groove!

Music really makes my little girl smile – she loves it! She loves the drums and the tambourines and the choir are amazing!”

The singing and dancing really brings my daughter out of her shell.”

The celebration day is a perfect stress-free way to bring the family together, it’s just amazing.”




It’s been a wonderful summer of fun – a huge thanks to everyone who donated arts and craft materials we could play with, to Orange Box for putting on such an amazing show and to our fantastic team who’ve put a massive amount of time, thought and effort into taking us on our travels.

We’re starting our very own informal singalong choir, just so you know! Watch this space for more info, and if you’re keen to join us please drop an email to and we’ll keep you in the loop!