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Luen’s blog: A compassionate community

It was interesting to hear from the World Health Organisation recently that the pandemic is now considered to be over. Lots of preventative measures, like mask-wearing, have been stepped down across the NHS and within government. It seems as if Covid 19 has become something we just live with, like flu.

Here at the hospice our services are fully back to normal, our shops are very busy and our fundraising team is out and about supporting individuals, groups and businesses to create events and fun activities to help us make up the funding void of the last few years. 

But it’s only thanks to the community that surrounds us that we were able to survive the unprecedented challenges we faced during the pandemic. When times were tough – and we had some very difficult times – it was our local community that stood by us and, in doing so, reminded us of the importance of what we do.

We are humbled to be part of this compassionate community. One that recognises and values the specialist skills that our teams need to deliver care and fund our work, together with those required to glue everything together across HR, IT, finance and facilities management. And we are humbled by every gift, every goodwill gesture, every hour of time you give us. Thank you for all your help during the pandemic, and thank you for your continued support that enables us to look forward to an exciting future, one that will see us help more families living with or facing the loss of their child. 

Thank you.