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Luen’s blog: A safe bet

No this blog is not about gambling, but it is about backing the right horse!

As a charity that works with families who have a child with complex, palliative or end-of-life care needs, we are very aware of the impact that high-energy prices can have. Many of the families we support have found the winter months really, really, difficult. This has often been because there is a need to keep a home warm, particularly when a child doesn’t have a lot of mobility. Some children are technology dependent, technology, which has a high-energy use attached to it. And some children get pain relief from things like access to hydrotherapy in a pool, which is very expensive to run.

So when we saw Martin Lewis’ campaign, we were keen to back it, knowing that the families we support would benefit. Of course we can and have campaigned around this independently by writing to all of our MPs, but collaborating with other like minded charities is what’s done the trick here….a shared voice backed by a well-known campaigner who gets things done.

We are proud to have played our part in this. We recognize of course that its not just our families at Forget Me Not that will benefit, but everyone in the community. So if you would like to give a little bit of the difference this will make to you back, then please donate here. 

Thank you.