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Luen’s blog: An unusual Christmas gift

But what if this was to be your last Christmas together, or your first Christmas without someone you love very much? For many of the families we support, this is their reality at Christmas.

Next year is the 10 year anniversary of Russell House being built, and whilst we want to mark and celebrate that, we also want to recognise the hundreds and hundreds of families we have supported over the last 10 years who have very sadly lost their child, for whom Christmas and other family celebrations are touched by grief. For many of them, the most important gift the hospice gave them was the chance to make special memories. We know these memories help people get through the very toughest days, and particularly on days like Christmas Day.

This Christmas, could you give the gift of memory-making? By donating to our Christmas Appeal, you’ll help us support families spend time together creating precious moments that will stay with them forever.

£20 could fund a memory box full of mementos for a family to treasure.

It could be the best present you ever give. Donate now here.