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Luen’s blog: Football, fan power and Forget Me Not

You might wonder how football, fan power and our children’s hospice, Forget Me Not, are linked. When I first started at Forget Me Not, one of our supporters said to me that Forget Me Not needed to be as much loved by its supporters as people love their local football team – and that has stuck with me ever since.

Both very much rooted in the community, with a loyal supporter base, great brands and a sense of purpose, football clubs and local charities have more in common than you might think. And never has that been more noticeable than over the last 12 months. I am in no doubt that Forget Me Not has been able to keep doing everything we do for local families because despite everything that has been thrown at us over the last year, local people decided that they would not let us fail. I have been truly humbled by the affection and support that people have shown us, the esteem within which they hold us and the pride they have that our services are here for local people. 

Recently, of course, supporters of the 6 biggest football clubs in the Premier League, made their voices heard and ensured that the European Super League broke apart instead of away. Isn’t it amazing what people can achieve when they come together around a cause that’s really important to them? Charities and football clubs must never forget how important their supporters are, because without them, they are nothing.

Interestingly, support for football teams is often passed down generations, like a family tradition. And so often support for a charity is passed down too when people make a gift in their will to the charity of their choice, helping that charity continue to be around for future generations. People often love this way of giving because it costs nothing to do but will benefit the causes that matter most to you, even when you’re gone. And it can be done without compromising what you want to leave to those closest to you. This legacy of support is so important to charities, helping them plan long into the future with their supporter base of today.

We might not have a scarf or a song for the terraces, but like football clubs we have many loyal supporters whom we listen to, cherish and value. These supporters are our future.


Thanks to Oldham GPO for putting our name on their shirts! And thank you for supporting us.