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Luen’s blog: It’s party time!

That’s because this October, our purpose-built children’s hospice turns 10 years old. Named after the son of the mum who started it all, Russell House was the culmination of years of hard work, fundraising and campaigning. And the start of our being able to provide in-house lifeline care to hundreds of families.

During the last 10 years we have challenged many people’s perceptions of what a children’s hospice can be, including:

  • Being so much more than a place where children come to die
  • Providing support to families with a very wide range of conditions, not just cancer
  • Being a place where children and their families can come and have fun and lead the best lives they can
  • Being a place where whole families can enjoy time together doing things that would normally be out of their reach
  • Providing a safe space and protected time for families to be together after their child has died
  • Being trailblazers of new services which support people in truly innovative ways, families who would otherwise not have services open to them
  • Being truly inclusive and providing equality of access to everyone in our community.

There’s so much we, and all our supporters, can feel chuffed to bits about. Watch this video to see for yourself what it might feel like to come to Russell House.

We are rightly proud of the work we have done over the last 10 years to support the local children and families we serve across West Yorkshire. Many of those children and families just don’t have anything else on offer to them, but thanks to the community who built this hospice and ensured it has kept its doors open, they do now. And with facilities like our brand new cinema, a hydrotherapy pool, a sensory room, a playroom and fantastic gardens, Russell House just gets better with age!

We think this is worth celebrating and invite you to host a party during October to mark this momentous occasion. At work, at home, virtually or even in real life (!) with friends, family or colleagues, please show your support for our hospice and help us ensure it’s fit for purpose for the next 10 years. 

Because there is so much more that we want to do. And we know that with your help, if the last 10 years is anything to go by, we can achieve anything! More information about how to host your party can be found here.