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Luen’s blog: It’s Time to Talk

At Forget Me Not, the wellbeing of our people has always been hugely important and we’ve had support in place for many years to promote this. But over the last 12 months or so, as people have had to cope with the added pressures of working differently, working remotely, being furloughed, home-schooling and trying to maintain a work/life balance, alongside everyone’s natural anxieties about the pandemic and what it means for them and their loved ones, this has become a top priority. 

When it comes to wellbeing, small things can add up to make a big difference, from checking in on a colleague to setting aside time to talk in more detail about how we’re feeling.

So we are taking part in Time to Talk Day on February 4th. All of our teams have arranged a time to talk – about mental health, about how they’re doing right now and what support they need. Everyone, working and furloughed, has been invited to take part. 

This is a great opportunity to show everyone how important wellbeing is, how seriously we take it and the importance of being open to supporting our people, no matter what they are facing. What’s important to our people is important to us.

But it’s not enough to be thinking about this just for one day. We need this to be a focus every day. We’ve invested in a wide range of wellbeing services for our teams including resilience sessions every other week and packages of support which include everything from webinars on home schooling to face-to-face counselling. 

We do this because wellbeing is really important. We do this because our people matter. We do this because it’s our people who make the difference. We do this because if we are to provide the excellent services our families need and deserve, then we all need to be able to operate at our best. When we talk about the importance of wellbeing, we mean it.

On Time to Talk Day, what could you be doing to recognise the importance of wellbeing and let people know you care?