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Luen’s blog: Money can’t buy …

In the world of fundraising, money-can’t-buy experiences are very popular. These experiences, that enable people to do things they never would have otherwise imagined, are donated and then auctioned or raffled raising thousands, even millions for charity. 

Only recently I witnessed someone paying a large amount of money for a behind-the-scenes meeting with Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby while on the Dancing on Ice tour. It’s lovely that people donate these unique experiences and of course fabulous that they can raise such a lot of money.

In our case, they sometimes enable money-can’t-buy experiences for the families we support.

At the same time that someone was looking forward to spending time with Phil and Holly, a parent of a child who uses our short breaks service was hosting a birthday party for her daughter at the hospice. What’s unique about that you might ask?

Talia has reached the age of 7 without ever being able to have a birthday party. Because of her complex needs, there just isn’t anywhere in the community that would be a suitable venue. Her mum asked if we might be able to help and, of course, we said yes. So Talia had her birthday party, surrounded by friends and family doing something that most of us take for granted but that no amount of money could have purchased for this family.

Talia’s mum said, “honestly hand on heart, it was the best party. Every single child, no matter their ability, was able to join in and enjoy themselves. Talia loved it, and was really happy seeing her friends! Just to be able to be in a safe accessible environment meant everyone could relax.” 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have a building and grounds that are entirely accessible for children with a whole range of needs. Our staff are trained to provide a wide range of services, including meeting both social and clinical needs and can adapt what they deliver to make some dreams come true and create memories that will last a lifetime. That is truly special, and although money can’t buy it, it’s money that oils the wheels to make it all happen.

However you choose to give to us, thank you. Your gift will often be used to create fun and happiness for children and families whose time is more precious than most.

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