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Luen’s blog: The power of purple!

Here at Forget Me Not, we have a really strong brand identity that uses the forget-me-not flower and the colour purple. Our clinical staff all have purple scrubs and many of the rest of the team have purple t-shirts and hoodies which they wear with pride.

I too have a Forget Me Not hoodie and was wearing it last week when I took my puppy to the vet for a developmental check. I live in Greater Manchester, but our hospice is in West Yorkshire, so you can imagine my surprise when my vet knew all about Forget Me Not and the work we do. It turns out he is part of a grant funding committee that had given us funds to buy equipment and develop our work around equality, diversity and inclusion.

So it was lovely to be able to tell him about the difference that money is making. And it demonstrates just how important it is that we have the tools to help staff, trustees and volunteers become ambassadors for the cause they work for and support. For us, this is about being part of our #purpleposse. 

Being an ambassador is important because you never know who you are going to meet or how they might be able to help you. The financial value of the support we have had via my vet is around £26,000. I now know he is an even more committed supporter not just of our hospice but of all hospices, fabulous for the sector as a whole. 

And of course, more importantly, that £26k has made a huge difference to the families who will benefit from the new equipment and the work we’re doing to improve access to our services within communities where there is a greater prevalence of life-limiting conditions in children linked to ethnicity.

We would love you to join our #purpleposse! Visit our website to find all our paid employment opportunities, our volunteering opportunities and lots more ways you can support us. You can even buy your own purple hoodie or t-shirt! Purple power!