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Luen’s blog: Who says you can’t?

Can’t is not a word we recognise at Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. Everything we do is about making things happen for the children and families we care for. 

We never tell families they can’t do something – we try and find a way so that they can. Families who can’t use a public swimming pool because of their child’s condition can have fun together in our purpose-built hydrotherapy pool. Children who can’t access playgrounds because of their wheelchair, can play in our garden with our specialist outdoor play equipment. And soon, families for whom going to the cinema is incredibly difficult, will be able to go to the pictures together in our in-house cinema! We have special technology like eye gaze devices that can help children communicate in ways their family never knew they could and we take families on fun days out that give them memorable experiences many could never imagine having. And we have continued to do all of this despite everything the pandemic has thrown at us. 

Like respite care which, thanks to additional funding from Children In Need and the Lottery, enabled families who were shielding their children to come to the hospice for a break. Even when families were too anxious to take up this offer, despite all the additional safety measures we had in place, we took this vital care to their homes instead.

For many of our families who, ever since their child’s diagnosis, have been told they can’t do the things they want to do, our can-do approach makes an incredible difference.  

In the words of one mum: “My favourite memory is us four all in the hydrotherapy pool together – we had the disco lights on, loud music playing, we were singing songs and Chloe’s feet weren’t turning blue because the water was the right temperature for her. If it wasn’t for the hospice we wouldn’t get that time together having fun, her brother Tom loves swimming but we can’t go to a public pool with Chloe.” 

Only with your help can we do this. Only with your help can we support children and families to live the best lives they can, have the opportunity to do the things most of us take for granted and create amazing memories that will last forever.

Which is why, the only time you’ll hear us use the word can’t is when we say we can’t do any of this without your support

Find out here all the ways you can support us – so we never have to say we can’t to a family who needs us.