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The day we went to visit a mosque

The conditions our children suffer from know no cultural or religious boundaries. Anyone can be affected. So we’re here for everyone.

We have always supported children and families from all the diverse communities in our area – and are delighted that our supporters come from all these communities too.

On Visit My Mosque Day in March, when mosques across the UK hold open days, we went along to the Baitul Atta mosque in Dewsbury to say hello, enjoy some tea and cakes and get an insight into the day to day activities of a busy Muslim centre of worship.

We were welcomed by Arif Ahmed who heads up the Ahmadiyya Association for Dewsbury and Spen Valley, which has supported us for a long time, raising £1000s for us over the years. It was fantastic to be able to build on that already really positive relationship. And it gave us a great opportunity to dispel some of the myths about what a hospice is and does so that we can reach more families who may not know we can help them as well as encourage even more people to fundraise and volunteer for us.

It was also fascinating to discover about all the incredible work the Association does in the local community. For instance, they’re involved in organising the Charity Walk for Peace in Lister Park, Bradford on 13th July. The mosque itself is a real community hub, not just for those of the Muslim faith but for other faiths and those with none.

We like to think we’re a bit of a community hub too – after all, making sure children and families get the care and support they need so that they can make the most of every moment together is what brings us all together, isn’t it?

A big thank you to Arif and everyone at the mosque for being so welcoming and for all their support!