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We call on NHS England boss to properly fund children’s hospices

Earlier this week, bereaved mum Gabriella Walker and our chief executive Luen Thompson attended parliament to campaign for increased funding for children’s hospices from the NHS. The campaign was conducted with other children’s hospices, led by Together for Short Lives. Our mum was magnificent in telling her story to parliamentarians and NHS leaders and has also written an open letter to the CEO of NHS England. 

She says: “I was shocked when I learnt how little Forget Me Not and other hospices like them receive from the NHS and local councils. They made sure that my family spent those years living as best we possibly could, focussed on enjoying the time we had together. Surely every family deserves the same?”

If you agree, please support her and sign the letter too, here. And please share on social media to encourage others to do the same.

Thank you!

You can find more information on the campaign for increased funding here. And for Luen’s take on this issue, read this.