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We’re proud to be one of the Sunday Times Best 100 Not for Profits to work for!

There are many, many, many things that make our hearts swell with pride here at Forget Me Not. We’re proud when, because of the care we provide to children and families, an exhausted mum can take a moment for herself or an anxious dad can share his worries with others in the same situation. We’re proud when a little boy and his sister bicker over who gets first dibs on the Playstation, just like other children. We’re proud when a local business chooses us as their charity of the year. We’re proud when someone runs a marathon or jumps out of a plane to raise money for us. We’re proud when flocks of volunteers gather to rattle buckets or help us manage an event.

So our hearts are full to bursting now that, on top of all this, we have been announced as one of the Sunday Times Best 100 Not for Profit organisations to work for. Wow!

Based on feedback from our team, this 1 star accreditation is a brilliant reward for our genuine commitment to making Forget Me Not a great place to work. We’ve worked hard at it over the years, improving how we communicate with the whole team, how they’re recognised and valued for their contribution and how we listen to their views.

But we won’t be resting on our laurels – we’ve got plenty more to do and lots of ideas on how to make things even better. Why not help us – join our Forget Me Not family and make yourself proud. Every day.