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Why should students volunteer with us?

It’s no secret that students are always busy with lectures, seminars, writing essays (and of course, keeping a healthy social life), which might lead you to ask, why would a student decide to volunteer with a children’s hospice? Well, to that we would simply ask: why wouldn’t they

Aside from enriching CVs and increasing skills, volunteering with us can also be an insightful and valuable experience that can help prepare budding students for life after education. 18 year old Leslie Oko-Baro started volunteering at Forget Me Not after it was recommended to him by teachers on his IT course at Huddersfield New College. He says the experience has been inspiring, rewarding and has changed his perspective for the better.  

“It’s definitely built my confidence and allowed me to open up more,” Leslie said of his time with Forget Me Not, “It’s such a relaxed and caring environment and I’ve really benefited from my time volunteering so far.” 

Leslie joined our Forget Me Not team in 2019 to help with the administration and maintenance of our database – something that complements his studies perfectly and allows him to continue his professional and personal development outside of the classroom. He believes that his time volunteering will give him a great advantage later in life to pursue his goals in the IT industry. 

Don’t be discouraged if IT’s not your thing, though. We have loads of different volunteering opportunities that are associated with a number of careers and industries. Considering a future in retail? Why not volunteer in one of our charity shops? Love working with people and building relationships? How about lending a hand to our fundraising and events team? Or perhaps you’d like to gain some experience working in a care environment? Volunteering with our care team would certainly put you in good stead! As Leslie quite rightly states, “There’s something at Forget Me Not for everyone and volunteering with them will really help prepare you for your future in all aspects.” 

Not only does volunteering benefit you, it also benefits us! We rely on an army of volunteers to carry out the work we do for children and families in the local community – in fact, we currently have around 500 volunteers who give up their time to support us. Quite simply, we couldn’t do what we do without them!

“If you’re at college or university and thinking about doing some volunteering, I couldn’t recommend it enough!” Leslie said, “And Forget Me Not is the perfect place to do it. Don’t hesitate – do something amazing today!”  

Feeling inspired? Call us on 01484 411040 or email to discuss your own volunteering journey. Trust us – you won’t regret it!